EMBiQ Challenge

Do you want to produce high quality and be more productive, shorten your lead times, improve your organisation management and become more profitable?

"EMBIQ OFFERS THE FOLLOWING" for manufacturers & embroiderers
Ensures that you always get products that are innovative and use the latest and most reliable technology?
Provides consultancy on how to reduce costing to stay competitive.
Provides solutions for efficient store management, inventory management, transparent procurement systems.
Provides training to your merchandisers and production team to do faster product development, accurate costings, practical production planning, optimum fabric planning, process ontime shipments.
Uses a professional software to track and respond to your queries, and to maintain data-base to analyse and improve your service experience?
Supports you with punching of complex and difficult embroidery designs through an on-line service?
Provides training to your digitizers to maximise their skill and efficiency?
Offers training courses for your operators and supervisors to improve their skills, effectiveness and hence productivity?
Possesses the operational experience and know-how to offer turn-key projects, or projects that are customised to your unique requirements, to aid you in operating your embrodiery factory in the most profitable manner?
Provides knowhow to deploy robust QA systems with realtime monitoring to minimize & eliminate losses.
Provides consultancy & solutions on adopting Global best practices standards.
Provides solutions to create and maintain a proactive HR department which aids enhancing employee motivation & reducing staff/ labour turnover.