About Us


Export industries provide a nation with vital foreign exchange that sustains economy. In India the garment export industry is on a upward growth path, and the demand for embroidered products from India is increasing globally. This rapid growth has made the customer more discerning about quality, and more demanding about prices and delivery schedules. Offering best quality at competitive prices within shrinking delivery times is the need of the hour.




We believe that knowledge is power. The knowledge about how to choose the right equipment and how to use the equipment rightly; how to choose the most suitable raw material and how to employ the best production methods to achieve efficiency and quality. The need of the hour is to provide solutions that were hitherto unheard of in the computerised embroidery industry. This thought was the origin of the name EMBiQ, which stands for Embroidery Intelligence Quotient.


Our vision is to constantly innovate and provide unique solutions for the embroidery industry.


Our mission is to empower the Indian Embroidery industry to attain global leadership position.

Our Objective

To provide customised technical and operational solutions to the embroidery industry.
To introduce global best practices in the embroidery industry.
To improve the skill-set of employees of the embroidery industry.


Capt. Kavita Ahlawat


Kavita began her professional career as an officer in the Indian Army in 1997. She was the recipient of Presidents Gold and Silver Medal at The Officers Training Academy. She served in various formations and participated in multiple operations including Op Parakram during her seven years of military service. After leaving active military service, she joined a leading apparel manufacturer in 2005, heading their Human Resources, Training and Administration functions. Under her guidance, their embroidery unit received the coveted ISO Certification. Having worked with them for seven years, Kavita started her entrepreneurial venture, Q-One in 2012, which is today one of the largest stand-alone multi-head computer embroidery units in the country, known for its quality and customer focus.

Kavita holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and Diploma in Logistics and Resource Management. She is a Dale Carnegie certified Leadership trainer, apart from being a certified Lead Auditor for ISO. She has conducted numerous trainings and workshops during her professional career.

Vikas Kapoor


Vikas Kapoor has over 24 years of experience in the embroidery industry. Vikas has served as an independent consultant and advisor to one of the largest garment manufacturing and export companies in India, Orient Craft Ltd. Under his leadership (1999 - 2017), Orient Craft’s embroidery and lace division went on to become one of the largest and most modern computer embroidery plants in India. He is a certified lead auditor and Black Belt in Six Sigma, effectively completing projects on loss prevention and productivity enhancement. Having keenly studied the 5S and management systems in some of the most effective and successful industries in India, Vikas has a vision of assisting Garment and embroidery industry in achieving their true potential through tools and training hitherto unused by them.

Vikas Kapoor is a trustee with Global Village Foundation, a research institute which assists state and central government in policy drafting, implementation and assessment. He is also on the executive board of Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University. He has been an active contributor for various workshops, seminars, regional and international conferences.